Our history

The company’s history beings in the early eighties in Emilia Romagna.
Enzo Manicardi fell in love with the hills of Castelvetro
and immediately wanted to savour the flavours
of this wonderful land,  through its produce.
He decided to cultivate his land with love and dedication,
preserving its natural balance and becoming
the ‘ambassador’ of its wine and gastronomic traditions.
The fusion of ancient peasant wisdom and modern insights
have led to an ambitious project.
Enzo chose a generous land, rich in biodiversity,
which affords a lovely palette of different shades of green
wherever your eyes rest and where man, through hard, expert,
environmentally-friendly work has been able to mould
a magical landscape in harmony with nature.
Thanks to his experience and intuition,
he chose a territory with ideal characteristics.
The vineyards are located on the south-facing slope of a hill,
with medium-textured clayey soil and extraordinary climatic conditions
(good day-night temperature swing and almost continuous ventilation).
Enzo Manicardi wanted to encompass
in his products the very essence of this land.
To do this he knew he had to draw not only
from his experience and tradition,
but also from everything which is good
in new technologies and this is what he actually did.
From the very start, he set up his estate employing modern concepts,
which could improve and assist an ancient agricultural tradition
that has always characterized this region.
Technology was needed to assist in preserving
the fragrances and flavours that a generous nature
customarily bestows upon its products.
His vineyards are planted mainly to Lambrusco Grasparossa
and Pignoletto, two native grape varieties
which are the heart and soul of Emilian tradition.
The wines that are produced on the estate
become sparkling wines thanks to natural fermentation,
fully preserving their organoleptic characteristics.